Absinthe is a drink clouded with mystery, with few people knowing its history. Traditionally branded with the use of Art Nouveau, absinthe has become a less desired drink in recent years. Through the use of 3d animation and a new brand identity I have created a modern yet sophisticated brand identity. This new identity appeals to a younger audience whilst remaining desirable.

I came up with 3 tag lines; "A taste known by few," suggesting not many people have tried absinthe and it should be given a chance.

Arcane Absinthe​_

Brand Identity + Motion Graphics

"The colour of Dreams," representing the dreams that the drink can cause, and finally "Crafting Inspiration," which represents the Artisit such Van Gough and others that used absinthe to help create their work.

I created a number of different outcomes all steming from the Arcane Absinthe Logo I created such as the series of Posters, TV Advert, Bottle, Packaging Design

and Website Design.

Logo Design_

Bottle Design_

Poster Designs_

Television Advert_

Website Design_