When tackling this project I wanted to think about the unusual, I looked upon this project as a chance to finally use my knowledge of 3D graphics to create a strong final outcome. I wanted to explore this medium as the Fringe festival's past poster designs and style was very illustrative and "traditional" style and I thought as this as a chance to explore a technique that would appeal and catch the eye of younger generations. 

My Idea was to form a campaign around one simple object. I created a  “Blob” that would represent the fringe festival as the art forms are being pushed out of it. List of object models in piece: Paint Brush + Palette, Guitar, film Reel, Camera, Saxophone, Microphone. 




Using Maxon Cinema 4D I was able to use different plugins to produce a melting blob effect as well as using a scene setting with a plain white backdrop and scene lighting to help render shadows and reflections, giving the image a more real feeling. After experimenting with photography around Bath I settled on the plain background as it made the object stand out more. 

These were the final renders and images I displayed to the committee along with a web presence design and a small animated advert so the they could get a feel of how it would look and feel as a campaign.