Logo Design + Brand Identity


After speaking with the client, he gave me an idea of what he wanted as a logo. He pointed out a previous project I had worked on and asked for a similar style. He wanted the word Noctown to feature in script style type. 

I felt this project needed me to hand render the type myself. So after many attempts I settled on the final type shown in the logo. After the type was Scanned into Adobe Illustrator and I was able to create the final logo that I sent to client who was pleased with the final result. 

The next task was creating a colour scheme, after a few different styles, the client and myself agreed on 3 of the colour schemes I had created and making the blue then brands main colour.

 I went on to apply these designs to business cards and t-shirt designs. After final talks with the client he was pleased with the work which is now displayed over his website, social network sites and online store.